ES Exhibition


ES Exhibition Services Sdn Bhd is one of Malaysia’s leading one-stop exhibition specialists. As Event Architects, we support an average of 50 exhibitions per annum.

We are the Southeast Asian specialists in contemporary exhibition development and design. As a one-stop exhibition service provider and event architects, our team of exhibition experts can meet all your events needs, be it at a local or international level. 

ES Fast Facts

  1. 20 years of industry excellence
  2. Workforce of 100-strong exhibition professionals
  3. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  4. Services the Southeast Asian Region
  5. Regional presence in 13 countries
  6. 50 exhibitions per annum

Get to know ES

ES has 3 subsidiaries:

  1. a specialist electricity and lighting company
  2. a printing company
  3. a technology arm that caters to embedded exhibitions technology solutions

As a full-fledged one-stop exhibition expert, ES owns

  1. a fleet of trucks, vans and cranes
  2. a 150,000 sqft warehouse and production facility

ES offers a full range of Exhibition & MICE services including:

  1. General Service Contractor
  2. Custom Build Stand Contractor
  3. Event & Conference Services
  4. Retail Interior Design & Renovation

Mission for Excellence

ES focuses relentlessly on quality service management and delivery to our various stakeholders. We believe in empowering our clients with information and insights to create more pro table, timely and measured business outcomes.

The ES Mission for Excellence is built on these foundations:

  1. Gathering a database of knowledge
  2. Recruiting and maintaining a pool of knowledge-backed professional talents
  3. Cultivating a corporate culture of on-the-job and continual learning
  4. Investing in technology to remove menial tasks, speed-up management and execution of each project

Our Vision

By 2020, we envision ES Exhibition as a major privately-owned exhibition player within ASEAN capitals with full exhibition solutions with an international appeal and having a strong committed team.